What to do When You Forget Your Phone Password? PIN, Pattern 

What to do When You Forget Your Phone Password? PIN, Pattern 

The uses of smartphones have increased tremendously. The phone company adds lot of features for the security purposes but most of the time, we put passwords to keep our phone safe and people often forget their passwords. If you have forgotten your phone password, you can easily remove it. You will have to follow few easy steps which I am going to tell you in this post. Even you think that you can forget your password someday then how will you unlock it. We can unlock our android mobile phone even without password. For this, you will need to follow few simple steps.

If you have forgotten your phone password then you have only 3 options. First, that you visit the service center and get a new software installed in your phone which will make your phone new-esque. Second method is much similar to first one but you won’t have to go to service centre and you can do it on home. And the third one won’t work all the time because it requires internet connection.

1.Unlock Your Phone Using Internet

In this post, we will get to know about Android Phone and how one can reset its forgotten password. It is well known to all that Google created the android operating system. That’s why if you have forgotten your phone password then you can reset it by your Google Account. For this, you will have to follow the below mentioned steps. Make sure that your phone is connected to internet and you are logged in into your Google account in your phone or in simple words, in your Gmail account. Only then you can follow the below mentioned steps:-

  • Go to Android Device Manager first of all.
  • Login through the email id which you use to login in to Google Play Store
  • You will see three options now

  • You have to click on the “Lock” option there
  • Now a new pop up window will appear and there will be 4 blank boxes. You have to fill new password in the initial 2 boxes and leave the other 2 boxes blank and then click on the Lock option.
  • Now you can unlock your mobile phone through new password.

 The aforementioned way is quite safe for your mobile phone using which you can unlock your device without losing your data but if this option does not work for you will have to use the below mentioned way.

2.Factory Reset or Wipe Factory

This one is a bit difficult process and you will have to lose all your data stored in your mobile phone.Going through this process will erase your whole data and your device will start like a new one.  So if you can delete all the data of your device then follow the below mentioned steps to remove the password.

  • First of all switch off your android phone
  • Now we will have to go to its recovery mode whence we shall reset it
  • Recovery mode is also used to upgrade the phone
  • Now press “Power Key+Home+Volume Down Key” simultaneously ( or in some phones,you will need to press Power Key+Volume Up Key)

  • Now few options will appear which you will have to select using Volume Up and Volume Down keys
  • Now you have to press Power button after selecting “Wipe Factory/Reset Factory”
  • Your mobile phone will automatically reboot in few moments
  • Your Mobile Phone will restart like a new device

In some mobile phones you can get Reset option through which your device will be reset and you will have to re install all the applications,game contents and re login in all accounts.

Note-This will delete all your data from Internal storage. Only the memory card data will remain. Your phone must be 60% charged before you reset it. Every mobile phone has different factory reset option. You will have to look for the option that you have in your mobile phone.

3.Remove Screen or PIN Password without Losing Your Mobile Data

If you do not have a Google Account and you have forgotten your mobile phone password and you also want to keep your data safe then you should use Android Data Recovery. You can easily get the password for pin or pattern or fingerprint of your mobile. It is easy to use and you can easily do so.

Step 1 : Firstly, download a program on a computer and open it once the installation process is finished.


Step 2 : Connect your phone to the computer using an USB after opening the software.

Step 3 : Take your phone to download mode after connecting it to the computer and follow the instructions being displayed on your device.

Step 4 : Click on “Start” button and then your phone will go into download mode. After that, your phone data recovery will start.


And in this way, you can remove the password of your mobile phone using the software. You can only get the trial version of this software for free of cost. You will have to some amount for getting the full version about which, you will be told on its website. If you do not want to purchase this software then you will have to use the way explained in number 2 and you will need to reset your phone. Only then you will be able to remove the forgotten password of your mobile.

In this particular post, we have so far discussed about what to do when you forget the password of your mobile phone, how to break the forgotten password of your mobile phone, what is the forgotten password of your mobile phone, how to change the password of your mobile phone, how to unlock the phone’s password, how to open the password of an android phone, etc. So which of the above mentionedways of removing password of your android mobile phone is suitable for you and why so? Do tell us about it in the comment box and if found this post helpful for you then do share it with your friends and relatives on all social media platforms.

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