What is Web Hosting? Web Hosting Explained for Beginners

The world of internet has gone too far and in the years ahead, it will become more significant because it makes our work easier and convenient. When it comes to create websites on the internet, two things play vital role. First, domain name and the second one is the necessity of web hosting.We’re going to Discuss What is Web Hosting and What are its types? Web Hosting Explained for Beginners.

We can say that domain name acts as an introduction while Web Hosting is address.

A website or a blog can never be created without these two components.One cannot even think about creating a website or a blog without these two key components.

They are the base and pillars of a website or a blog.

Let’s get into the details of Web Hosting.

What is Web Hosting?

Web Hosting is an internet service which allows a person or an organisation tomake their website easy and accessible through World Wide Web i.e internet.

Question- What is Web Hosting?

Answer- In simple words, Web Hosting is the place which stores and gives easy access to all the data available on the internet from any corner of the world.

Let’s understand this with an example.

We all need land to live on this earth and this land can be ours or someone else’s. If we live on someone else’s land, we have to pay rent. In the same way, we need space to create a website or a blog on the internet which is called Web Hosting in the jargon of internet.

Web Hosting stores all our posts, photos, files, videos etc. which is active i.e online for 24×7.

One which provides all these services is a Web Hosting Company.

Web Hosting Company provides space or place on rent to its clients. Besides, it also provides internet connectivity. Commonly, it’seen in places like data center.

Web Host can also provide data center and connectivity for other servers on the internet available in its data center, which is called collection, it’s also known as Housing in France and Latin American countries.

How does Web Hosting work?

When we create our website or blog, we think of making our activities (knowledge, information etc.) reachable in the shortest period and for this we need to upload images, files, documents on Web Hosting.

After doing this, when a user opens a domain name like http://techzls.comon his/her web browser like Opera, Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox etc., the internet connects that domain name with that web server where all the files, photos, documents etc. of that domain name is already stored. This allows the user to access all the information available on that website on his system and he can view that website as per his needs and gain knowledge.

Classification of Web Hosting

As per the need, Web Hosting has been classified under two categories:-

  1. Smaller Hosting Service
  2. Larger Hosting Service

1.Smaller Hosting Services

This is the smallest web page and file hosting is done on a smaller scale where any file, document, image, video etc. is uploaded through File Transfer Protocol (FTP) or a web interface. Files are normally delivered on the webwith their original (as it is) or minimum processing.

Serveral Internet Service Providers (ISP) provide this service to their customers with limited facilities. A person or an organisation can also receive Web Page Hosting from an alternative service provider.

Serveral companies also provide free web hosting service with their different services, which are sometimes sponsored by ads which are often limited compared to paid web hosting.

Single page hosting is sufficient for individual web pages. Individual website hosting are generally free, ad sponsored and cheap. Business website hosting are generally costly according to their size and type.

2.Larger Hosting Services

Those big companies which do not provide internet services need to connect to Web permanently for sending emails, files etc. on other sites. Company uses computer as website host to give the details of their products and services for online order.

Nowadays, complex sites call  on large scale for big tenders and packages which provides database support and application development platform (ex.- ASP.NET, Cold Fusion, Java EE, Pearl/Plack, PHP or Ruby on Rails).

These services allow the customers to write a script or install for platforms and content management application. Besides, secure socets level(SSL) is used generally for those websites which prefer to keep their data more protected.

Types of Web Hosting

Web Hosting are of following types:-

  • Shared Web Hosting Service
  • Reseller Web Hosting
  • Virtual Dedicated Server
  • Dedicated Hosting Service
  • Managed Hosting Service
  • Colocation Web Hosting
  • Cloud Hosting
  • Clustered Hosting
  • Grid Hosting
  • Home Server

1.Shared Web Hosting

Shared Hosting in Hindi

As the name suggests, multiple websites are hosted on a single server in this type of hosting.

Generally, all domains share common pool of server resources like RAM & CPU.Facilities available with this kind of service cannot be very basic and flexible in terms of software and update.

Generally, Reseller sells shared web hosting. This is the reason why Web Companies often have Reseller Accounts to provide Hosting to their customers.

2.Reseller Web Hosting

Web Hosting Companies allows customers to be Web Host themselves. Accounts of Reseller can be different in shapes: They can have their own Virtual Dedicated Server which can be in any colocoded server. Many Resellers provide almost similar service for their shared hosting plan of their providers and provide technical support themselves.

If you think someone is paying you a handsome amount for your hosting then you can easily sell it to others and you can also sell it as the shares of your hosting.

3.Virtual Dedicated Server(VPS)

VPS Hosting in Hindi

Virtual Dedicated Server is also known as Virtual Private Server (VPS). Server distributes resources in the virtual server, it’s like a hotel room where you have ownership of the things and resources of the room until you stay.

VPS is often used for virtualization of things for a variety of reasons on a single server as including the ability to transfer a VPS container between servers, so that users can have root access to their own virtual space.

It’s a good server provided for a single person to host a single website or a blog. It’s normally expensive as it increases website loading speed.

It’s akin to living in different rooms of a bungalow where you share the main gate with everyone but everyone has their respective rooms.

It’s expensive than shared hosting. Initially, using it means wasting your money. If you think your website or blog is generating traffic which cannot be handled by shared hosting then you can change your hosting plan.

4.Dedicated Hosting Service

Dedicated Hosting in Hindi

This hosting provides a particular web server and all its controls to its user. Although, the user is not the owner of the server. User have the complete administrative control over the server, that means the user is responsible for the safety and maintenance of the server.

In dedicated hosting, you can run a website or a blogon a server which can handle any amount of traffic and the loading speed is constantly good. It also has many other advantages.

But one should not use it to start a website or a blog because it’s expensive and you don’t need it in the begining.

Dedicated Hosting is akin to living in a bunglow where you manage everything and being alone, you have to bear all the expenses.

5.Managed Hosting Service

A user gets his own web server in this hosting service but he does not have complete control over it. But, they are allowed to manage their data through FTP &Remote Management Fool.

User’s complete control is prohibited so that the provider can guarantee the service quality by not modifying the server or potentially causing problems like configuration. The user is not usually the server owner as it is leased to them.

6.Colocation Web Hosting Service

Colocation Web Hosting Service is similar to Dedicate Web Hosting Service but user is the owner of the server in this case. Hosting Companies provide that kind of space which takes the server and manges it.

This is the strongest and expensive type of Web Hosting Service. In most cases, colocation provider cannot give support for their clients’ machine. They only provide electricity, use of internet and storage.

7.Cloud Hosting

Cloud Hosting in Hindi

It’s a new web hosting platform which provides all types of complete balanced load package server and allows strong, scalable and trustworthy hosting on the basis of uses billing. The cloud hosted website can be more reliable than the alternative because the other computers of the cloud can compensate when a piece of hardware falls.

Local electricity problem or natural calamities are less problematic for cloud hosted sites because cloud hosting  is decentralized.Cloud Hosting providers charge users only for resources used by them. The lack of centralisation can give less control over the data to users which can be a matter of concern for those who are cautious of their data security or their privacy.


Several servers hosting the same content for better use of resources, are called Clustered Host.Clustered Servers are an ideal solution for high availability dedicated hosting. It creates a scalable web hosting. A cluster can be web serving  different than database hostingbecause it provides many other benefits for large scale management of customers.

9.Grid Hosting

This kind of distributed hosting occurs when a cluster of servers acts like a grid and is made up of multiple nodes.

10.Home Server

Usually, a customer can use a private machine with grade broadband to host one or more websites.

Dedicated machines or old PCs can be used for this purpose. Some ISPs are always looking to block home servers by denying incoming requests for TCP Port 80 of users’ connections and resisting to provide static IP addresses.

The general way to get a reliable DNS host name is to create an account with a dynamic DNS service. A dynamic DNS service will automatically convert IP addresses which points to a URL when their is change in IP address.

Things to pay attention to before purchasing Web Hosting.

There are several companies in the world which provides fine Web Hosting service. Yet, one should pay attention to few things before purchasing web hosting. Like- Bandwidth, Disk space, Uptime, Customer Services etc.

Bandwidth- The capacity to access data per second in a website is called Bandwidth. When visitors access the website then server uses some data and opens the information in the computer asked by the visitor. When there is huge traffic on the website, the server gets down.

Disk Space- The storage capacity of the hosting is called Disk Space. The way computer has 500GB, 1TB etc. storage, similarly there is storage in Hosting.

Uptime- The duration for which a website is online or available is called Uptime, and when the website is not functioning due to some problems, that is called Downtime.

Customer Service- It means that Web Hosting Service provider is available 24×7, it recieves good customer response, and is able to solve their problem in minimum time.

Price- Your hosting should be as per your budget because if you are not able to bear the expenses and you create a website, then your hardwork will be in vain as you will not be able to pay for hosting. Therefore one should always purchase hosting as per one’s need and budget.

Support- Before purchasing Web Hosting, one should enquire about the support from Hosting Provider about how will they help you when you face any problem after purchasing Web Hosting.

From Where should you buy Web Hosting?

When it comes to purchasing Web Hosting, it’s clear that one should buy Web Hosting from that company which provides all kind of facilities.

We’re listing here some Web Hosting companies which takes special care of these:-

  • Siteground
  • Hostgator
  • Bluehost(Recommended)
  • GoDaddy
  • BigRock
  • Milesweb

1.Siteground Hosting

StartUp Regular $11.95/mo. SPECIAL PRICE $3.95/mo.
GrowBig Regular $19.95/mo. SPECIAL PRICE $5.95/mo.
GoGeek Regular $34.95/mo. SPECIAL PRICE $11.95/mo.

Buy Siteground Hosting


Hostgator web hosting best host for your website- phenomenalsoftwares

It is one of the top company in the field of Web Hosting. It provides unlimited bandwidth, unlimited disk space, etc . If one doesn’t like its service then this company also gives 45 days money back guarantee. Along with that, they also provide 24×7 customer support.

There plans are as follow:-

  • Starter- This plan starts from Rs.99 per month.
  • Hatchling- It starts from Rs.199 per month.
  • Baby- It starts from Rs.249.
  • Business- It starts from Rs.349 per month. Everything in this plan is unlimited.


Deal Alert] BlueHost Hosting Coupon: Save 66% + Free Domain (2020)

It is also a good option in the field of Web Hosting. Most of the people use WordPress nowadays which acts as an icing on the cake for website as well as the blogger. WordPress itself has accepted Bluehost as the best option for it.

However, Bluehost has two servers. Bluehost IN for India and Bluehost US. Bluehost IN is a better option for an Indian.

But still if there’s a website or blog in Hindi and one wants it to get it ranked in Google then Bluehost IN is very good for him. Whereas if the website or the blog is in English, then Bluehost IN will cost him more for ranking it in Google. It’s better to use Bluehost US in this case.

Buy Bluehost Hosting

How to purchase Hosting from Bluehost?

How to Buy Bluehost Hosting


GoDaddy is quite popular for domain name. Even today, most of the bloggers purchase domain name from GoDaddy.

GoDaddy also provides Web Hosting along with domain name, which has given good results. Therefore one can purchase Domain Name and well as Web Hosting from GoDaddy.

They mainly have 4 types of plans:-

  1. Starter
  2. Economy
  3. Deluxe
  4. Ultimate

You can purchase any plan according to your needs.


It is also a good Web Hosting company. It’s customer support is considered very good. Their way of recieving client’s response and providing service is awesome.

They provide three kinds of business host:-

  1. Starter
  2. Advanced
  3. Business


It is considered as the best and the most reliable Web Hosting provider of India. It was registered in 2012 and has been providing services since then. They provide 24×7 customer support. It provides lifelong .com & .in domains. Besides, it also provides unlimited space, unlimited bandwidth andfree SSL Certificate.

They provide 3 kinds of plans:-

  1. Economy
  2. Value
  3. Unlimited

It provides discount coupons in all its 3 plans in which one gets 40% discount.

I hope this post has given you sufficient information regarding Web Hosting. Feel free to ask your queries in the comment box.

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