How to pursue MBA in Texas

Most of the people tend to pursue their master’s level in the field of business as it brings them higher job opportunities. Students who have a keen interest in leadership and have efficient management skills opt for Masters in Business Administration. Texas is the most suitable place for pursuing higher studies. This is because it has several well-known universities and colleges which offer degrees at different levels. When it comes to the best MBA programs, a lot of towns in Texas such as Houston, Abilene has a bunch of standard colleges that offer some of the best MBA programs. 

Top MBA Universities in Texas:

Texas is a popular hub that attracts a lot of MBA aspirants every year. Whether it be in terms of accreditation, ratings, affordability, or the quality of education, you can only expect the best from this place. Some of the most popular and reputable MBA universities in Texas are as follows:

  • West Texas A&M University- This is one of the premier MBA institutes in the state with an acclamation worldwide. Being recognized as a top university, it accommodates more than 65000 students every year including both virtual and on-campus students.
  • The University of Texas at Austin– The Red McCombs School of Business under this university, ranks sixteen for providing the best MBA program in the world. Students graduating from this institute receive a very high yearly salary.
  • Southern Methodist University- Popularly known as the best Western College in the US, the Edwin L. Cox School of Business at this university provides the most distinguished education by the best faculty to provide you with the clear understanding of the program.
  • Texas Tech University– The Rawls College of Business under this university is the best choice when it comes to reputation and affordability. With tuition fees which are very low, this university provides the best and the most up to date knowledge to its students.
  • Saint Edward’s University at Austin, Texas– The University is situated in Austin and offers a practical learning environment to its students. There are almost 70 graduate as well as undergraduate degrees. It offers diverse outreach programs and is also belongs to the network of 23 universities offering a global perspective of education. 
  • Sam Houston State University at Huntsville– It offers a wide range of courses and degrees. There are almost 80 degrees for Bachelor’s or undergraduates. It consists of 50 degrees in Masters and 6 degrees of doctorate. For the Master’s Degree, the students who wish to pursue the course on a full-time basis has to undertake four semesters. On the other hand, the students pursuing it on a part-time basis can complete the program in just 2 years.
  • Hardin Simmons University Kelley College of Business at Abilene– This is a well-known college especially for its MBA programs. It is a private university and offers its students a wide range of courses that would help them in attaining a better educational experience. Although, it is a private university the tuition fees are quite affordable and it provides its students with a great learning environment.
  • Texas Chrisitan University– The MBA program offered by Texas Chrisitan University is highly unique and focused.  It provides the best education to the students at an affordable tuition rate. The various MBA programs include a Full-Time MBA program, a Professional program, Energy, and Healthcare MBA programs.
  • The University of Texas at Dallas Naveen Jindal School of Management at Richardson– Different students have distinct career goals, this university keeps in mind the diverse career goals of the students and offers some of the best MBA programs. It has 14 joint degrees which allow the students to pursue their educational program according to their needs and career options. 

Reasons to pursue MBA in Texas:

Texas is quite a popular state, as it is regarded as the hub for tech firms, energy houses of America, and entrepreneurship. There are a lot of universities all over the world offering the best management opportunities to their students, so why Texas? Texas is home to the top companies in the world being placed at the tenth position in terms of its economy. From healthcare, educational institutes to the aviation and technology industries, the state provides a plethora of employment opportunities. Texas is a very technologically advanced and progressive place with a lot of start-up businesses emerging in the market. Being home to such reputable MBA Universities offering various MBA programs creates an ‘MBA culture’ in the state. Moreover, business schools here are not only about learning but also enhancing other skills, including personality, sports. 


Texas is one of the popular places in the world for the premiere colleges and universities that it has. Students from worldwide come to Texas in order to pursue their goals and obtain the best educational programs. There are a lot of MBA programs in Texas that would yield you high earning jobs in the future.  

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