During the past years, the education sector has seen varied changes in its pattern. With the evolving technology, it is possible for students to attend their colleges and universities without stepping out of their room! The pandemic also stressed on the use of distance learning as a medium of education.

Online education allows the students to learn at their own flexibility, pace and schedule, leading as an approachable and easier medium to continue studies. Seeing online education as a future, the universities across the globe are providing online programs for students across the world. It refines critical thinking skills and gives a broader perspective to the learner.

Studying in an institution of foreign countries is a dream of millions of aspiring students. Online education has made it possible for them to study with the university of their choice from their own place, reducing the additional cost of accommodation, food, living, travel and many more like in campus based education. When it comes to studying abroad, the United Kingdom lies in the top position. International students prefer the UK for completing their higher education and learning from highly qualified teachers and staff. The world class teaching at the universities of the UK has made people around the world acknowledge its importance and value.

The United Kingdom is home to some of the best universities in the world. Oxford University in the UK has more success in leading success than any other university in the UK. Based on the Official International Rankings, Oxford University in the UK has been ranked as 1 for more than 2 years in a row. In Oxford University students are provided with thorough knowledge of the subject they have chosen for studying. They provide a wide range of subjects and their teaching method is peculiar and comprehensive in nature. There are about 90 distance learning programs provided by Oxford University covering a wide range of subjects at various levels.

Oxford University follows the pattern of coherent and structured technical system and largely becomes the centre of education because of the same. In distance learning, Oxford University provides classes to students infused with latest technology and unparalleled support. In the online courses, the tuition fees vary with the course opted and duration of the program selected. Some of the courses are provided in asynchronous mode that does not require students to be live. Recorded classes make it easy for students to revise whenever they want.

Students are also allowed for in-depth discussions about the subject and receive personalized tutor guidance. There is also coursework given to students which they need to complete within the given time. The class size is kept small to ensure that there is maximum interaction between the learners and their tutor.

From online study students can acknowledge the strength and high quality education provided in Oxford University. There are a number of online courses provided at Oxford University at undergraduate, postgraduate, professional, research and short term level which will bring great career opportunities to the international job market. Oxford University also collaborates with multinational companies that recruit the meritorious students of their institution. The UK is a country with a strong economy and dominating sectors in education, motor manufacturing, bio-science, information technology and business that will definitely bring a handful of opportunities for students completing their degree from there. There are short online courses in major subjects like arts, history, literature, philosophy. There are a number of courses provided by the Oxford University at short, long and professional level.

For the students who want to complete their postgraduate studies but do not have time to attend campus, pursuing a degree online is the best option to increase their credentials. A postgraduate degree increases earning potential in most cases. Postgraduate programmes from Oxford will help students in updating their skills, knowledge, career and earn a reputed qualification. The classes are provided under the guidance of world class professionals in a dynamic ambience that promotes valuable professional networks. Business and Management, mathematics, IT, International Relations, Medical and Health services, Physcology, Artificial Intelligence subject specifications for an online postgraduate degree from Oxford.

Here are some of the popular online courses that are entirely provided through distance learning.

  • Undergraduate Diploma in Creative Writing
  • Undergraduate Certificate of Higher Education
  • Foundation Certificate in English Literature
  • Project Management
  • Social Entrepreneurship
  • Undergraduate Advanced Diploma in Local History
  • Undergraduate Advanced Diploma in IT System Analysis and design
  • Postgraduate Certificate in Nanotechnology
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Paediatric Infectious Diseases
  • Mst in History of Design
  • Mst in Practical ethics
  • Digital Signal Processing
  • Drama Writing

The certificate from Oxford University helps students not only in increasing their skills but also giving weight to their resume. There are no specific academic requirements in short diplomas and courses but in the case of technical programs, they might have some eligibility criteria.

Overseas students are charged with higher fees than the local students. Students outside from the UK are not eligible for the tuition fee loan form the government which can be a barrier for students in financing their online program. The fees will also depend on the factor where the student lives, his nationality, and his academic status. The cost of tuition fees largely varies with the course selected. An average of 9,250 pounds is charged by the university which can change according to the course opted.

There is no age bar at the online courses provided by Oxford University. It’s totally on the students to make use of their time and program to bring out the best in them. On completing the online course, students will get the certificate of completion from their instructor with the logo of the university on it. The certificate will be valid across the world and holds great reputation. The online program certificate holds the same value as that of campus based classes. The only difference is that the class is provided virtually. Thus with the right choice of subjects, students can utilise the technology to get a better future with great career prospects.

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