Anydesk kya hai? What is AnyDesk and How to use It?

Anydesk kya hai? What is AnyDesk and How to use It?


Anydesk kya hai? What is AnyDesk and How to use It?

Do you know Anydesk kya hai? What is AnyDesk and How to use It? There is low probability that you have heard its name. No worries. I will tell you what it is and how to use It. So don’t worry, I will give you all the information regarding AnyDesk through today’s post. If you have an android phone and a computer and you wish to control your android phone using your computer and your computer using android phone then you can easily do it with the help of AnyDesk. There are many functions of AnyDesk which you can easily use. So let’s get into the process of downloading it.

What is AnyDesk?

First of all, let me tell you that AnyDesk is a real time live video information sharing software which can be used in Android, iOS, Laptop and Desktop. We can use this software to communicate between our computer or smartphone with other smartphone or computer. It doesn’t matter whether if the other device is with your or not. In simple words, it is a software using which we can share our computer screen to other computer through live video.

What is AnyDesk?
What is AnyDesk?

It is mostly used by those companies who provide service. For example- if you have a laptop and there is an issue in it then the service center of your laptop will use AnyDesk to connect your laptop with his so he can resolve your problem.

Note- AnyDesk is a Remote Desktop Software

AnyDesk was founded in 2014 in Statgart, Germany.

How to download AnyDesk?

In order to use it, you will have to download AnyDesk. There is a paid and a free version of it. If you are an online service provider then you should buy the paid version. You will see some price list. Select the best according to your need. Paid plans are of 3 types:- Lite, Professional, Enterprise.


If you want to download AnyDesk for free then click on the links below according to your operating system-

After downloading it, install it and open it once the installation process is finished.

How to use AnyDesk?

First of all, open AnyDesk. You will see a new window. It will contain 2 options- This Desk and Remote Desk.

How to use AnyDesk?
How to use AnyDesk?

1.This Desk- You will get code in this option which will contain some numbers and you can use it to connect your Laptop, Computer or smartphone with other Laptop, Computer or Smartphone. Anyone can see your screen and use your deviceusing the code available in This Desk option.

2.Remote Desk-In this option, you will see an empty box where you will have to fill a code. This is the same code which is seen in This Desk option. If you want to use other computer or smartphone in your computer or smartphone then for this, enter the code of the other smartphone or computer in your smartphone or computer and connect them. After this, you can easily see the screen of other smartphone or computer in your computer or smartphone and can use that device.

Benefits of AnyDesk

Let’s find out the benefits of AnyDesk using which you can do the works of hours in minutes.

  • If we have to help others or have to contact an online service provider then AnyDesk can prove efficient in this case.
  • We can see live what is being done on our computer and can even use it from anywhere.
  • We can even share a small file with another device.
  • Even in low internet speed as 100kbps, we can transfer data in HD quality live.
  • The data which we transfer is sent in encrypted form on the other computer. It is good for security.
  • They don’t ask for verification of any type like email, name, mobile number, location etc.

Disadvantages of AnyDesk

It is known to all that every coin has two sides. There are not many disadvantages of AnyDesk. Yet, let’s have a look at it-

  • In May 2018, Japanese Cyber Security Firm Trend Micro found out that cyber criminals created a ransomware variant of AnyDesk whose purpose was to steal data.
  • It doesn’t matter what kind of software or website it is, there is always a risk of security. Even in the case of AnyDesk.
  • There is no internal security in this software. So anyone can misuse your device if they have access to your computer or smartphone.

I hope that you understood Anydesk kya hai? What is AnyDesk and How to use It? post. Please share this post on social sites like FB, Whatsapp, Twitter etc. if you liked it and learned something new. If you have any question or suggestion regarding this post then feel free to comment.

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