How to write SEO friendly articles?

How to write SEO friendly articles? (Ultimate Guide)


How to write SEO friendly articles in 2020?

Read this post to get all information regarding writing a SEO friendly article. So be with us till very last.

You’ll need to write SEO friendly articles in order to rank it in search engine results. It’s not very difficult and you can do it easily with the help of few tips. So Let’s dive deep into it.

How To Write SEO Friendly Post?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. You can drive a handsome amount of traffic with the help of SEO. SEO Friendly Post means an article liked by users and if users find your posts helpful then you can bring your post on the very first page of Google Search Results. So let’s find out how to write a SEO friendly post on your blog?

1.Title of the Blog

Post’s title is the most important thing for SEO and your tile must contain Focus Keywords. If your title is good then it means that 40% of SEO is complete.

How to make title User Friendly?

  • Use Focus Keywords in the title.
  • Use Long Tail Keywords in the title.
  • Your post title should easily explain what you have written in the post to the users.
  • You must use Years and Numbers in the title.
  • Don’t repeat a word in the title.
  1. Content of Your Post

You must have heard that Content is King. The quality of your content is directly proportional to the quality of SEO.

You always have to write User Friendly content and make the important points of your article Bold.

  1. Write Long Articles

Google loves long articles as it contains much more information than short ones which is helpful for users. So always write long articles.

  • If your article is in Hindi then it must contain at least 1000-2500 words.
  • If your article is in English then it must contain at least 2000-5000 words.

There are many advantages of writing long Articles:-

  • You can add more keywords in Long Articles.
  • You can add more ads in long articles.
  • Users take more time to read a long article and that helps in reducing Bounce Rate.
  1. Image Alt Tag

All bloggers use images in their blogs because it helps them fetch traffic on their Website. But you’ll have to enter the name of image in Alt Tag which will tell what it is related to.


If your image talks about What is SEO then you’ll have to write What is SEO in Alt Tag of the image so that Google may know what your image is about.

Important Point

Don’t use copyrighted image in your post otherwise it’ll get banned.

  1. Keywords

Most of the bloggers are unaware about Keywords, their uses and how important it is for the post. Whatever you search in the Google is called Keyword. Line if you search What is Blogging then it is your Keyword.

Keywords are of two types:-

  • Long Tail Keywords
  • Short Tail Keywords

Let’s take a example to understand their uses according to your need-

Short Tail Keyword: “photo editing apps”

Long Tail Keyword: “top 10 best photo editing apps of 2020”

You must have understood from the example above that Short Tail Keyword is already included in Long Tail Keyword and  Short Tail Keywords automatically get ranked by using Long Tail Keywords. Therefore, always use Long Tail Keywords.

  1. Use Keywords in the Post

Do use your targeted focus Keywords in the first & last paragraphs of your post but use the keywords naturally like I did in this post.

Mind you, you must use only 2-3 keywords in a post. If you use more that it then Google will charge penalty on your blog and your post will never get ranked.

  1. Heading and Sub-Heading

It’s necessary to use Heading and Sub-Heading in a post.Title is H1 heading that’s why you should never use H1 having twice in a post. But you can use H2, H3,H4,H5 and H6 subheading because using heading and subheading is a part of SEO. Must use keywords related to your post in the Sub-Heading. The structure of heading and Sub-Heading should be like- H1>H2>H3>H4>H5>H6.

  1. Add Internal link

Internal link means that you can link  yourother posts in the current one and it is considered as an SEOand it also helps in reducing the bounce rate. Add the links of your post which are relevant to the current topic.

Example: If your current topic talks about SEO friendly post then you can add internal links related to SEO in it. It will enhance the quality of your post and it will drive traffic for other ones too.

  1. Add External Links

It means adding links of other websites in your post.

Example: If your article is about what is YouTubethen you can add the link of YouTube on the word itself, it’ callled external link and of someone clicks on it then it will redirect the user to YouTube.

Adding external link is very important because the user gets complete information regarding the topic and Google considers it very important.

10.User Intent Find

It means that your article contains everything that the user has searched about if it doesn’t then the user will leave your website which will increase the bounce rate of your website. If someone has googled cryptocurrency and the user has chosen your post then your article must contain following things about cryptocurrency:-

  • What is Cryptocurrency?
  • What are the various types of Cryptocurrency?
  • How to buy cryptocurrency?
  • How to sell cryptocurrency?
  • Purchasing cryptocurrency is right or wrong?
  1. Write articles in small paragraphs.

Write articles in small paragraph because most people hate reading bigger paragraphs. Most people read blogs using mobile phones and obviously reading bigger paragraph using mobile phone is quite difficult. A small paragraph contains 3 to 4 sentences.

  1. Permalink (URL)

It is an important part of the SEO as it optimises the page. Use focus keywords in the URL of your post.


SEO friendly URL:-

SEO unfriendly URL:-

  1. Use High Keyword Proximity

Let’s understand what is keyword Proximity with an example.

1.Example : 

Network Marketing or Marketing

There are two Keywords here:-

  • Network Marketing
  • Marketing

There is or between these two.Or has separated the two keywords. It’s called Keyword Proximity and such keywords are called Low Keywords.

2.Example : 

Network Marketing

There are two Keywords here:-

  1. Network Marketing
  2. Marketing

But there exists no or between them.

It’ called High Keyword.

And You have to use similar Keyword as mentioned in e.g.2 so that your maximum Keywords are ranked and you receive huge traffic.

  1. Find LSI Keyword

LSI stands for Latent Semantic indexing. The  keywords other than the targeted ones which help the article in getting ranked are LSI. Besides it also help in getting traffic.

How to find LSI keyword?

We can find LSI keyword in 2 ways.

  1. Google
  2. LSI Graph Tools


 Blog Par Seo Friendly Post Kaise Likhe

You find several keywords in the search box related to the topic that you search on Google.

Let’s understand this with an example

Example : 

In the image below you can see there are various keywords related to the searched topic how to earn money.

2.LSI Graph

As you can see in the image you can find LSI keyword through using LS graph tool

In the image below you can see there are various keywords related to the searched topic how to earn money.

Blog Post Ko Seo Friendly Kaise Banaye

Your article is based on more than two to three keywords.

You can find various LSI keyword related to the focus Keyword using these 2 methods.

Important Point

But you don’t have to use all the keywords in your post. You have to use only 2-3 of them.

  1. Don’t Stuff Keywords.

It means that you use many keywords in your article.

You shouldn’t stuff all the keywords because it lowers the ranking of your article and it never appears in Google search results.

  1. 1-3 Italic Keywords

Italicise 1-3 Keywords. It will be worth it for the article. Don’t repeat the same keyword in the article to get ranked because it will make your article look useless.

  1. Blog Description ( Meta Description)

When you search a post in the search engine you find some words below the title, it’s blog’s Meta Description. It should comprise 100 to 150 words. Post gets listed in the search results with the help of meta description.

You can use the Keywords of heading and Sub-Heading in the blog’s description. You can tell the users or Google about your content through Meta Description.

  1. Don’t make Grammatical Mistakes

Don’t make spelling mistakes and don’t make any Grammatical Mistakes too because it impacts the SEO. You can use  Grammarly to avoid any grammatical mistakes. You can use it in any browser through its extension.

You can avoid spelling mistakes by writing your blog on WordPress and Blogger as they underlines the misspelled word red. Correct it immediately when you find one.

  1. Use Multimedia

It means using image, videos, GIFs, screenshots, infographic in your posts as it helps the user in comprehending your content.

  1. Social Media Sharing

All bloggers share their articles on social media after publishing it and you must do the same.

Sharing your posts on social media means you are using off page SEO for your post. Google considers Social Signal as of vital importance. Therefore, you must share your post on Social Sites.


I hope that this article has given you all the information regarding writing an SEO friendly post. Comment below all your queries regarding it. I’ll try my best to reply.

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