How to increase traffic on Blog? 30 Working Methods

How to increase traffic on Blog? 30 Working Methods

How to increase traffic on Blog? 30 Working Methods
How to increase traffic on Blog? 30 Working Methods

How to increase traffic on Blog? 30 Working Methods

All bloggers work on increasing traffic on their blog everyday and there are numerous articles on the internet sharing  information to do the same but those articles won’t help you unless you learn something new everyday by experimenting.

You should keep on experimenting along with using proven experiments.

Let’s dive into the methods used by us in increasing the traffic on owe own blog. It’ll provide you insights using which you can gain traffic on your blog.

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How to increase traffic on Blog?

Initially, new bloggers waste their precious time in designing their blog and they create pages and post without research which makes their labour go in vain without getting traffic on the blog.

If SEO friendly blog posts are created backed up with a little research right after setting up the blog then it fetches good amount of traffic on the blog.

If you have already committed these mistakes in the initial phase of your blogging, you don’t really need to be bothered. You can amend your past mistakes by working in the right direction with a little research which will help you gain traffic. The upcoming 10 minutes read will help you solve all your problems and queries related to this purpose therefore read this post carefully.

Professional Blog Design

The way you yourself don’t like visiting a website with some random background, text and font size, similarly no one else likes a blog with having such random design and therefore no one pays a revisit to that.

People are adverse to poor blog design and so they quickly leave such websites which increases the bounce rate. Further people won’t revisit it which will make the blog less trustworthy according to the Google algorithm. It’ll deprive your blog from getting ranked in any search engine and thus your blog would be also deprived of traffic.Therefore, having a good design of a blog or website is indispensable.

Select a nice theme having a professional design which will make it user friendly and the contents would become easily readable.

Consider the below mentioned points before selecting a theme:-

  • The theme should appear professional.
  • It must have all options of your requirements (side bar, featured images etc.).
  • Blog theme should be lightweight.
  • It should be responsive too.
  • It should be mobile friendly too.


It is well known that content is the king in the field of blogging.A good quality content assures huge number of readers. Even Google automatically give goodranking to post havinggood quality of content.

Therefore, you should only quality content which would be helpful for the users.

Consider the following points to add value to your content:-

  • Research- Do a thorough research of the subject of your post and get a better understanding of it before you start writing.
  • Headings- Heading makes your content lucid & attractive which makes it of great importance when it comes to writing your blog. Do put an attractive & useful heading after each 4-5 paragraphs.
  • Remove Boring Content- No one wants to waste their time, so, don’t add boring content just to make your article big. Your article should be precise and to the point, so that readers don’t get bored and read the entire content which will increase the time on page rate with reduction in bounce rate.

Article Length

Even today, people have only 500-700 words in their article. That’s the reason their post never get viral. It’s necessary to make a post go viral for generating huge traffic and article should be long if it has to go viral. According to BuzzSumo, posts with 3K-10K words are most shared because more words means more higher engagement rate which makes your post viral. Hence, if you want your article to be on the first page of the search engines result or make it viral on the social media then your article must comprise 2000+ words.

Keywords Research

Doing keywords research is vital because if you write your post without doing it, then it would be like shooting in the dark and your posts will hardly get ranked. Therefore, dokeywor research before you writing your post.

Keywords Research contains mainly 3 things:-

  • Find Keywords
  • Analyse competition on keywords
  • Choose low competition keywords

Everything related to keyword research can be done through Semrush(Paid) tool. You’ll have to work a bit for doing keyword research free of cost because it will require you to use 2-3 tools:-

  1. You can use Google keywords planner because this tool helps you know average monthly searches of keywords.
  2. Using Keywords Everywhere, you can easily check competition on the keywords. You’ll need to install Keywords Everywhere and add it in Chrome& Firefox browser and then it will show you competition, search volumes, and CPC whenever you search a keyword.
  3. You can you LSI Graph for searching long tail keywords. It’s quite easy and it provides long tail keywords. You can also find long tail keywords by clicking on the related searches when you search it in the Google. You can learn to search long tail keywords by viewing the images below-

Blog Traffic Kaise badhaye

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Blog Loading Speed

All top ranked blogs have faster loading speed and it takes less than 1 second to load the blog. The rank of your blog diminishes by 100 with each increasing second.

You can pingdomspeed test, GT Metrix, and Google Page Speed Insights for checking the loading speed of your blog. You should immediately optimise blog loading speed if it takes more than 2 seconds to load.

You’ll need to optimise following things of the blog to minimise the loading time:-

  • Optimise Blog Images
  • Minify java scripts & CSS
  • Reduce the server response time of the blog.
  • Use lightweight theme.
  • Use minimum redirection

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

It is the most important tool to increase blog traffic because it’s very difficult to increase traffic without it.

Search Engine can fetch lakhs of visitors in a day. For which, blog needs to be made Search Engine friendly. If the blog is not optimised for the search engines then it won’t get organic traffic and none of any ways of increasing traffic would come handy.

SEO has various algorithms and you have to work on your blog by keeping them all in your mind. However, there is no accurate definition of SEO but you can work according to the experience of previous bloggers and webmaster.

You’ll have to devote at least an hour to make your blog SEO friendly after which you will learn the required SEO within 1 or 2 months and will be able to make your website SEO friendly.

SEO has been mainly categorised into 2 parts:-

  1. On-Page Optimisation– When you work on the blog like making pages or posts or changing the blog design then these all come under page optimisation.

You have to optimise blog design, title, meta description, keywords, tags, internal links, external links, images and other media for search engines for the purpose of On-Page optimisation of blog. We have to do everything on blog in On-Page optimisation. Therefore, all this can be done easily. If your blog is on WordPress, you can use plugins like SEO by YOST, JET PACK which will make your work easy.

  1. Off-Page OptimisationWe have to everything related to Off-Page Optimisation outside the website like creating high quality backlinks, driving traffic from social sites, driving traffic from forum etc. It takes more time because we are dependent on other websites for this but if you give one hour per day on Off-Page SEO, then you’ll have better Off-Page Optimisation for your blog.

Guest Blogging

It’s a very good method through which you can drive traffic with each guest post for entire life. A new do follow backlink is easily received through guest post which strengthens Off-Page Optimisation and increases domain authority. For doing guest post, you should do at least one guest post by searching other top blogs related to your blog topic.

You can easily get a referral traffic of thousand visitors by doing a guest post on top blog.

Pay attention to following things while doing guest blogging:-

  • The DA& PA of your blog should be more than the domain authority and page authority of the blog on which you have to do guest posting.
  • Guest post only on niche related to your blogs.
  • Guest post on blogs generating huge traffic.

Blog Commenting

It’s also an easy way to increase traffic & backlinks. You’ll have to comment on posts of top blogs related to your blog.

Mention your website’s address in the ‘Website‘ box while commenting as it’ll generate a no follow backlink for your blog.

No follow backlinks will increase your blog’s authority by a little.People will be curious to know about your blog after viewing your comment and it will help you to generate more traffic for your blog.

During this process, you must avoid commenting on low quality websites and you should not make more than 10 comments a day.

Reply on Comments

You should reply to every comments on your blog as it’ll nurture your connection with your readers and they’ll spend more time on your blog.

Google ranks those posts on top in search results which have higher number of comments as it consider it to be helpful for readers.

Do not approve spam comments as it damages your blog’s ranking and there’s chance of your blog getting hacked.

Share on Social Sites

Social sites can help you in generating more traffic for your website as they have a large number of users. You should share your posts on every social sites after creating account on each one.

Make a tight schedule of sharing posts on social media one by one and never share all your posts at once.

We share one post every 24 hours on social media. You can also create your blog’s page on social sites to generate more traffic.

You must add social share icon on your blog as it will come handy for users sharing your post on social sites. You can increase the ranking of your older posts in search results by sharing it repeatedly.

Publish List Post

Publishing list post will increase your readers and they will help you in increasing traffic as they will come on your website regularly.

In order to publish list post on your blog, you’ll have to create many posts on a single topic.


  • 30 Ways to Increase Traffic
  • How to increase traffic without SEO?
  • 7 easy ways to increase traffic. etc.

Join Forums

There are several benefits of joining forums as you’ll learn many new things.

You can easily solve the problems relating to blogging by asking the older bloggers of the forum. You can generate a good amount of traffic and backlinks by mentioning your blog’s URL while answering to a question in the forum.

You’ll meet new bloggers in a forum and it’ll help you in guest blogging and getting backlinks.

You can lure a handsome amount of traffic by spending 10-15 minutes everyday on answering questions on a forum.

Join Question-Answer Sites

You can generate a good amount of traffic by spending 10-15 minutes everyday on a Q&A site. You can link your blog while answering questions of your fellow bloggers.

People will definitely check your blog of your answers are good and you will gain traffic.

Make your account on some good Question-Answer website today like Quora bad start answering questions. You’ll see a hike in your blog’s traffic within a month.

Create Youtube Channel

Youtube is the most popular option after Google for increasing traffic. In order to generate traffic from Youtube, upload a video related to your blog topics on your channel and link your blog in the video’s description box.

You will even earn your YouTube by uploading videos. So it’ll double your Income. Blog posts having YouTube videos are preferred by Search Engine, so, make sure to add your YouTube video in your blog post as it’ll help your blog to rank better in the search engines results and people will find it easier to understand your content.

Share Video on Linkedin

Sharing your blog posts and Youtube videos on Linkedin will help you hain more traffic.

Optimise your website for Mobile

80% of the people use internet from their mobile phones nowadays. Therefore, you need to make your website mobile friendly so that mobile users can easily access your website from their mobile.

Google also prefers mobile friendly website. That’s why they have created a tool to detect mobile friendly website using which you can check if your website is mobile friendly or not and have a good chance of ranking your blog on top.

Write trending Articles

Writing on treading topics related to your blog can prove to be beneficiary. You can gain lakhs of visitors and rank your website on top of your article on treading topic appears in the first page of Search Engine Results.

You can use Google Trends to know about trending topics and you can also write about normal trends like Diwali, Eid, Holi etc.

Update Your Blog Regularly

In order to gain regular traffic, you have to create new posts regularly as it will attract new readers. Google also ranks websites having new post regularly on top.

Update Old Posts

Information changes with time quickly. So in order to give new information to your readers, you must update your old post time to time. Adding new photos and videos while updating your posts have been proven to be more effective. So you must add new visual contents while updating your older posts.

Your old posts become new after updating and that’s why Search Engines like Google re-index your post in their search results and it helps to gain traffic.

Transfer Content

It’s going to be an important point for your and it’ll boost traffic without much work. Create e-books of your blog post and provide the link of your blog in that so that those who are short of time and cannot read your blog post, can download it in the form of e-book and later on and share with their friends too which will be an advertisement of your blog and more people will access your blog.

You can convert your blog posts into videos and can increase the traffic of your blog by sharing on social sites and at the same time those videos will also make you money.

Reduce Bounce Rate

Reduce the Bounce rate as low as possible to rank your blog posts in search engines. You can view the Bounce Rate of your blog or website through Google Analytics and Alexa Ranking. You’ll have to make your blog article interesting and useful to reduce the Bounce rate.

Bounce rate will reduce with the use of more photos and videos but those photos and videos should be relevant and useful.

Increase CTR

Click Through Rate (CTR) tells you the number of people who clicked on your posts after it appeared in search results. Let’s Say, you blog post appeared 100 times in the search results and the users clicked 60 times, that implies the CTR of your post is 60.

The CTR of any blog can be viewed on Google Analytics account and Alexa Ranking site. You’ll have to make the title and meta tag of blog posts attractive to increase CTR. Use WordPress plugin YOST or All In One SEO to improve blog title and meta tag.

Build Email List

One should never neglect email marketing as it can your blog traffic by 30%. You can invite the readers on your blog via email.

Add a good subscription box on your blog for building email list. Make subscription mandatory for downloading any free book or a guide pdf and schedule an email say every 2 days in a week.

Post on is also a good source of increasing blog traffic because you get backlinks for your blog and if you have good content then you can drive good traffic using it. Now go on and start posting after sign-up.

Create Free Courses

If your blog post teaches anything to the readers then you can provide free courses on Udemy&Techable by creating e-books. E-books would contain your blog links which would generate good traffic on your blog. Don’t think that you’ll less traffic and it’ll be a waste of time because with such little traffic you’ll easily increase your page views to 10000 someday. Therefore even if you get 1 page view from somewhere, do work for it.

You’ll soon view 1 lakh views on your blog.

Use Free SSL Certificate

Google has now started ranking secure websites & blogs and downing unsecured websites & blogs and it has started giving warning to unsecured website & blogs which means that if you are not using SSL certificate then 90% traffic of your website or blog for the Chrome browser is going in loss.

Cloudfare is a very good website for free SSL certificate using which you can secure your website and blog free of cost therefore do setup free SSL certificate within 5 minutes for your website or blog to increase traffic.

Use Browse Cache

Use browse cache for your website or blog because it stores it stores cache in mobile or computer for your blog or website so that it decreases loading time if someone revisits your blog or website.

You can use W3 Total Cache or WP Super Cache plugin to enable browse cache.

Accept Guest Post

You’ll get decent amount of traffic of traffic on your blog by inviting new bloggers to guest post on your blog and your blog ranking will increase in Google & other search engines by viewing external links and other authors.

The best things with accepting guest post is that you get good very good quality content without much efforts which can be very useful for your readers. Therefore do accept Guest post on your blog.

Active on Social Media

Nowadays social sites have maximum traffic where there is huge traffic 24×7. Therefore invest time in promoting your blog on social sites.

Never Upset Google

Google is the biggest search engine in the world. So do maintain a healthy relations with it because it is the only way which can lead you to success.

If you work according to terms and conditions of Google then you’ll lakhs of traffic only with the help of it. Make sure that Google never blocks you and hence never create any fake traffic, fake backlinks and never ever try to get success by deceiving Google.

I hope this post would have helped you.

Do tell us about other methods of increasing traffic on your blog if you have any in the comments below and do post your queries related to your post in the comment section.


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