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Virat Kohli’s House Virat Kohli “Beautiful” House (Unlimited) Images



Virat Kohli’s House-The super talented Virat Kohli, the captain of India’s Cricket team, is the owner of one of the luxurious houses in India. Kohli bought this lavish house in 2016, for a whopping amount of 34 Crore. Virat’s new home is in the C-Wing on the 35th floor of the Omkar ‘1973’, a 4.5-acre project in Worli, Mumbai.

Virat Kohli Mumbai And Gurgaon House 

1. Virat Kohli Mumbai House

Virat Kohli House
Virat Kohli & Anushka Sharma Luxurious House (Image Courtesy: Google)
Virat Kohli House Mumbai Address:- Virat Kohli Mumbai House

Virat Kohli Home Photo

           Address of Virat Kohli’s home is Sewing, 3rd Flower, Omkar 1949, Worli Mumbai.
Virat'S New House
                      Anushka New Kitchen (Image Courtesy: Google)

Anushka Sharma’s new kitchen. You must have luck to see such a kitchen. You won’t even get to see such a kitchen. There is a fully luxurious kitchen. Is equipped with a whole new technology. Fully is a lavish kitchen.

Virat Kohli House Pics

Virat Kohli bought this 7171 sq-foot luxury house in 2016. After Virat and Anushka wedding they are moved into this Luxurious house.

Virat Kohli Luxurious House
                     Virat Kohli Living Room (Image Courtesy: Google)

This Luxurious house and luxury pad buy-in 2016 for 34 crore in Omkar Developer and Realtors project by Omkar 1973. This beautiful house located in Worli  Mumbai.

Virat Kohli Night View
                   Night View From Balcony (Image Courtesy: Google)

Everyone dreams to live in Mumbai  city and specially in this tower. All Facilities are available in this towers Grand Entrance, Fitness and Sports Facilities, Terrace For parties and Gardens and Playing Grounds for the kids, Pool…

virat kohli & anushka sharma Dining Experience
                     Royal Dining Experience (Image Courtesy: Google)
                   Virat and Anushka Beautiful Dinner Experience…
virat kohli & Anushka Sharma House Balcony
Virat Kohli & Anushka Sharma House Balcony (Image Courtesy: Google)

Virat Kohli and Anushka’s balcony From here you will see the whole of Mumbai. Bandra, Seaface, Seelink, Bandstand!  You will see a good vibe. It will be a great joy when someone like you Will remain in such a house. If you want to live such a luxurious life, then you have to become Successful.

Virat Kohli & Anushka Sharma House Inside
  Virat Kohli & Anushka Sharma House Inside (Image Courtesy: Google)

Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma’s house still looks cool from the inside, And it looks very good on the outside but. If Virat Kohli decides he can afford to buy a house by spending many millions. Because their house is very comfortable.

virat kohli house outside image
             Virat Kohli House Outside Image (Image Courtesy: Google)

Virat Kohli’s house is no less than a palace. There is no shortage of anything in that house. Virat Kohli and his wife Anushka Sharma are living a very royal life. To live a life that requires luck. Virat Kohli Its Not A Name It’s A “BRAND”

virat kohli selfie
                          (Virat Kohli Selfie Image Courtesy: Google)

Virat Kohli is now India’s biggest celebrity. If Donald Trump is currently in India. He named Virat Kohli in his speech. Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma are now the biggest celebrities in India. If you want to see their house from the outside, you can go to the address given to you and look at the house.

Anushka Sharma Address

anushka sharma residence
“House Of Anushka Sharma” Image Courtesy: Google

Basically Anushka Sharma Belongs From Ayodhya, But After some time she Moved in Mumbai. Now She is in mumbai, maharashtra. Her families lives in Badrinath Tower, Seven Bunglow, Andheri, Mumbai in this location. 

Anushka Sharma House Pics

anushka sharma house
(anushka sharma home)
Image Courtesy: Google

Anushka Sharma and her entire family live in Andheri, Although I have uploaded photos of Anushka Sharma’s house above, you can see how beautiful Anushka Sharma’s house is.

How Many Cars Virat Kohli Have?

virat kohli cars collection
Virat Kohli’s Audi R8 (Image Courtesy: Google)

In Virat Kohli’s collection There are 9 Cars in total. And 3 of them
Cars belong to the Audi Company. And the rest of the Range Rover Vogue and Toyota Fortuner, Renault Duster is the company’s Cars.

virat kohli car price
Virat Kohli Car Collection (Image Courtesy: Google)

So it seems that Audi Cars are more in Virat Kohli’s collection. Audi cars include Audi R8 Lmax, Audi R8 V10 Plus, Audi Audi A8L W12 . There are so many luxury and sports cars collections. And likewise, Virat Kohli is the brand ambassador of Audi.

What Religion Is Virat Kohli?

Virat Kohli belong from the middle class family. Virat Kohli comes from the cast of Hindu (Khatri). And Virat Kohli’s father’s name is Prem Kohli. And his father was Criminal Lawyer.

Virat Kohli Photoshoot

image virat kohli
Image Courtesy: Google
Virat New Look
Image Courtesy: Google

Virat Kohli will always be seen in the photoshoot because the cameraman is always behind the celebrity photos.Virat Kohli has always been a topic of discussion


Where Does Anushka Sharma Live?

Virat Kohli House In Mumbai
Virat Kohli House In Mumbai Image (Courtesy: Google)

Anushka Sharma And Virat Kohli lives in mumbai. Virat Kohli has taken Rs 34 crore from Onkar Realtors, It’s taken flat just to stay with both of them

How Much Does Virat Kohli Make A Year?

Virat Kohli became the highest paid athlete in the world in 2019. Virat Kohli is also the No. 1 celebrity in India and the highest paid athlete in india. Virat Kohli is now on a stage that no one can beat.

Virat Kohli House Rent

The house in which Virat Kohli is living is worth Rs 34 crore. And the house is very comfortable. And the rent of that house is around 15 lakhs per month. This house is rented only by celebrities and businessmen only they can afford. 

Virat Kohli House Photos Mumbai

virat kohli house location
Image Courtesy: Google

Virat Kohli’s house is not just a house but a dream of millions of people.
You may have seen the photo above. If you like this house, share it everywhere.

Virat Kohli House In Burj Khalifa

virat kohli house picture

Virat Kohli Gifted 1 Apartment To Anushka Sharma In Burj Khalifa Worth Rs. 30 Crore. So can you imagine how many homes would be Virat Kohli’s and his house spread are many countries.

Virat Kohli House Delhi

Virat Kohli House In Delhi
Virat Kohli Old house (Image Courtesy: Google)

When Virat Kohli started cricket He lived in Meera Bagh, Paschim Vihar in Delhi. At that time, when he  live in a very poor house, he left home and then moved to Gurgaon. Virat Kohli’s old home in Delhi. 

Richest Cricketer In India

Virat Kohli is the only player who is the richest player in the whole of India. Because its name is next to each ad. He makes a lot of money from BCCI and from Test Matches and IPL matches.

He makes millions from such matches. Then there is the Audi car company And Puma is the brand ambassador of such a large company. Out of that, he received at least 200 million from Puma Company only.

So you can imagine how much Virat Kohli is earning. For this reason, he has become the top celebrity in India. At present, the cost of its stand alone has been Rs. 800 Crore

Virat Kohli Height In Feet 

Virat Kohli’s Height is 5’9″ Feet. If you go to see it,  its a Perfect Height. That is what every cricketer wants.

Anushka Sharma Height In Feet 

Anushka Sharma’s Height Is 5’6″ Feet. If you see her height is perfect.

Virat Kohli Phone No 

Right Now We dont have Virat Kohli Phone Number But We try to update as soon as possible. If Anyone Looking How Can I Contact Virat Kohli, Then You Need to contact his manager. His name is (Vaibhav Arora) And His Contact Number – 91-22-22180827 

Virat Kohli Old Photo (Virat Kohli’S Photo) 

images virat kohli
Image Courtesy: Google


photos of virat
Image Courtesy: Google


virat new look
Image Courtesy: Google

2. Virat Kohli House In Gurgaon

Virat Kohli, it’s not a just a name its Brand. This Beautiful House Made by Virat Kohli in Gurgaon near Delhi. According to Real estate, his house price is 80 crore. His Interior designed by the special designing company.

Virat kohli gurgaon house
   Virat Kohli Gurgaon House OutSide Image (Image Courtesy: Google)

Look at this Beauty. Many Peoples Dreams live in this house.

Virat Kohli House Location:- Virat Kohli Gurgaon House
And the address of his Gurgaon house  DLF City, Phase 1, Block C, Gurgaon
Virat kohli Inside View
                          Inside View House (Image Courtesy: Google)

This called a Fine and Dining Experience

Virat Kohli House In Gurugram

virat kohli house
           Virat Kohli Gurgaon House Inside (Image Courtesy: Google)

Virat Kohli Mumbai House (Virat Kohli House Video)

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