Inspirational story with moral | How failures can help us

Inspirational story with moral | How failures can help us

Inspirational story with moral | How failures can help us
Inspirational story with moral | How failures can help us

Inspirational story with moral– If you are the guy who loved the read good articles or need motivational inspirational story english than we are extremely glad that you visited here. In the article we would like to share our beloved Guru Gaur Gopal Das point of view about failures and success he told a very good inspirational story in hindi and inspirational story in english too.


Inspirational story with moral

How failures can help us grow

Inspirational story for students – A Little daughter of one of the member Guru Gaur Gopal Das of the community. I am a part of would stand first in class and would come to show her report card to her guru whom she loved so much. When she was in office the great see a stood first again and came running from the school to show her report card to her guru.

As he carefully examines her marks and her performance, she was excitedly awaiting some words of appreciation from him, like he did every year. To her utter surprise, he asked her, why did you stand first? She was shell shocked. She had stood first and rather than admiring it he was asking why? (Inspirational story for kids)

Seeing the confusion and bewilderment on her face he remarked, it’s wonderful that you have stood first for all the years of your school and this year as well. It is definitely commendable, and you indeed are very hard-working girl. But you should remember that great results are not the only barometer meter of your success.

Your sincerity your hard work and your understanding of school subjects are your true achievement and life will not necessarily allow you stand first always. After all the hard work if you happen to stand second or even if you happen to fail, it’s alright you given your best and now you also learn a lesson how to handle failures.

Life is a roller coasters

Life is a roller coasters ride with ups and downs success and failures. Keep working hard, keep it standing first learn the lesson of accepting success with humility and when you fail, learn the lesson of fighting of failure with courage and by the way congratulation for having stood First. But I would have congratulated you even if you would have failed, coz I know that you would give nothing less than your best.

The girl was inspired and left her gurus room uplifted. This message is not a permit for failure to justify. We should definitely do our best to get where we want to. But when we can’t due to factors that are beyond our control, we should learn to embrace our failure and accept them steppingstone to success. So, the next time you fail, don’t be sad.

Instead be happy then you could Learn valuable lesson out of it. Be a worrier! And for worrier their scars are their medals simply enhancing the beauty of their personality.


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