Pakistan Samara Chaudhry Pictures and Videos leaked Online

Pakistan Samara Chaudhry Pictures and Videos leaked Online

Pakistan Samara Chaudhry Pictures and Videos leaked Online
Pakistan Samara Chaudhry Pictures and Videos leaked Online

Pakistan Samara Chaudhry Pictures and Videos leaked Online


It is the blunder, that Online Cyber Hacker & Mobile Hacker has uploaded Pakistani Model Samara Chaudhary MMS online. In the video, her face is clearly visible whereas another person in the leaked video is not visible. The people are blaming Pakistan Govt. that they are hacking a mobile phones.

Some days before Rabi Pirzada scandal surfaced and now the Samara Choudhry private pictures and videos have leaked online. As per the reports on GULFNews, the Pakistani model has saved her private video in her phone, But now, Video are viral on Social Media including twitter/ facebook.

Samara Chaudhry is based in Pakistan. She is popular celebrity & has a popular Youtube Channel. She has worked in television adverts and has done various modeling projects, is seen getting undressed in some clips while in others, she is completely nude.

As per the 18+ Video of Samara Chaudhry, it was recorded in Lahore Hotel in the year 2018 and nude dancing.

Samara Chaudhry MMS Leaked Online Website

In the international news website, the Cyber Hacker Group in Lahore, Pakistan is active. They hack the Pakistani Based Model & Celebrity private photos, videos. They sell these photos & MMS videos to international adult websites.

As the Samara Chaudhry Video is leaked online, We have encountered that, hackers has not only uploaded 1 video, but there are total 2 MMS Video has been uploaded on Pornography sites. Some twitter user is sharing links on Twitter. As in India, Pakistan, UAE some of Adult website are blocked. But the VPN & Proxy Website enable them to Watch Online.

One MMS Video Duration is 2 minutes 23 seconds whereas 2nd video (Dancing & Walking) is 1 minute 39 seconds. We are not sharing the Direct Link of SAMARA CHAUDHARY MMS Scandal 18+. The other person is hiding his face.

Who is the MAN behind the Mask in Samara Choudhry MMS Video?
Answer: As per the News & Other Portal, the Video was shooted in 2018 (Probably Winters). The MAN behind the MASK is not yet revealed.

Samara Nude Dancing Video was uploaded by 422 Tallent Social Account

TikTok “Hareem Shah” Leaked (Video Chat)

The Hacker has not stopped yet, they are also claiming that they have uploaded a viral video chat of Pakistani TikTok Hareem Shah, In the interview the Hareem Shah said, She is not on the video and there is no twitter account of her. In the MMS Scandal claiming that Popular & Famous Boller of Pakistan “Shaheen Afridi” is video chatting with Hareem Shah. She is very popular Tik Toker  >>> Tic-Tok Account

We have watched that video, the face of Hareem Shah is not matching with the Video Person. So, it is FAKE.

As per the news, the hacker upload Apps in the Celebrity Phone & then they get access to their Phone Storage including Camera & WhatsApp.

Samara-Chaudhry Leaked Video

As per the Pakistan Law, Sharing Private Video, Photo on the website (Social, WhatsApp) are the offender of the Prevention of Electronic Crimes Act (PECA) of 2016, with a prison sentence of up to seven years and a fine of up to Rs 46,06,676 INR.

Samara Chaudhry MMS

Till now, the Hacker Group has not been identified and arrest.



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